Nora Carpenter ’12 Releases Debut Picture Book, YOGA FROG

Yoga Frog cover

Congratulations to ’12 grad Nora Carpenter on the release of her debut picture book, Yoga Frog.  As a certified Yoga instructor, Nora is passionate about yoga and feels strongly about teaching yoga to children as early as possible.  This book is truly the manifestation of her passion!  In addition to picture books, she writes contemporary realism and fantasy YA .  Read reviews of Yoga Frog below, and see what else Nora is up to on her web site.

“Carpenter briefly yet vividly describes how to perform each pose, along with its symbolism…[she also] provides an extra layer of knowledge for interested yogis.” ​-Publisher’s Weekly

Check out this adorable Yoga Frog trailer!

Publishers Weekly’s  Review

Yoga Frog is a green fellow with long, thin legs and arms and a rather anxious expression in his eyes. But he has a morning yoga routine for when “he’s not feeling his happy, froggy self, or if he wants to feel better.” Yoga Frog demonstrates 19 different yoga poses, including “Giraffe,” “Crescent Moon,” “Hawk in Nest,” “Caterpillar,” and “Bridge.” Carpenter briefly yet vividly describes how to perform each pose, along with its symbolism: “Raise your arms skyward like branches, breathing as you wobble. Switch feet. Tree pose reminds us to embrace flexibility and not be too stiff.” Carpenter includes the names of each pose in Sanskrit—“Cat” is “Marjaryasana,” and “Volcano” is “Malasana”—providing an extra layer of knowledge for interested yogis. Serene and bright background colors offer appealing contrast to Yoga Frog’s green tone, and end pages feature a foldout and perforated poster that shows all of his poses. Ages 4–8. (May)

Learn Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses with a Meditative, Mindful Frog
Frog loves to practice yoga. And he will inspire kids to enjoy doing yoga, too. Follow Frog’s yoga flow, from warming up to cooling down. Start with the mountain and chair poses, then work into giraffe, cat-cow, downward-facing dog, butterfly, and bridge. End with the quieting happy baby and savasana poses to help your muscles relax before going to bed or starting your day. For fans of Yoga Bunny and I Am YogaYoga Frog‘s simple, meditative text is complemented by playful yet instructive illustrations by Mark Chambers to teach youngsters how to start their very own yoga practice–and to have fun while doing so, too.